7 Ways to Set Boundaries During COVID-19

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Here’s how to respond when…

1. Someone asks you to hang out, but you’re committed to practicing social distancing

2. Someone keeps sending you news links about COVID-19, and seeing constant articles about it is difficult

3. Someone gives you unsolicited (and unwelcome) advice about the situation or how to cope

4. Someone keeps bringing up the coronavirus in conversation unnecessarily

5. Someone wants to talk or spend time with you, but you are feeling anxious or depressed due to the situation and would like to spend time alone

6. Someone is ignoring the COVID-19 situation or arguing that you are overreacting

7. Someone tries to cheer you up about the situation or be optimistic, but it feels diminishing

Writer. Creator. Teacher. Feminist. Just trying to spread love, talk about equity, and be a good human. She/her. Follow me on Instagram @brooklynxreece!

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