An Open Letter to the Anti-Maskers Who Say They’re Pro-Life

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Hey you.

Yeah, you. You in the grocery store line. The only one without a mask, grinning selfishly and grabbing a pack of gum.

Yes, you. The one standing in front of the state capitol, surrounded by crowds, without a single face covering, holding up your I want a haircut sign, screaming for “freedom.”

Yes, you. The one in the gas station bathroom, washing your hands and staring at your unmasked face in front of the mirror.

You fall under the group of people who think their constitutional rights and their own convenience is more important than saving our country. And yes, I do mean saving lives, but I also mean other things — saving the economy, saving the education system, saving other people’s mental health. You could choose to pitch in and put a stop to this, but instead, you just bitch about it and refuse to actively participate in containing spread.

There are millions of you out there. You’re hiding in plain sight, except that no one catches you. Our leaders side with you because they value their freedom over someone else’s life. I can’t fathom what that’s like, but maybe you could explain it to me, since you seem to know it well.

You’re the farthest right on the political spectrum. You might call yourself a conservative, but you’re even giving conservatives a bad name. Because you’re not just an anti-masker. You’re a hypocrite. Here’s why.

I’d be willing to bet that you’re pro-life. Most of you are. You claim that we need independence and freedom as individuals, but you still make it your problem when a woman wants to make a choice about her body and her fetus. You think abortion is murder? You think All Lives Matter, even (especially) the unborn ones? You think anything with a heartbeat has a right to live?

OK. I don’t agree with you, but sure, have your beliefs. Only there’s one problem.

You don’t wear a mask. You’re putting others in danger.

Your argument will be, “Yeah, but abortion KILLS people.”

Well honey, you’re killing people, too. That’s right: COVID kills people.

Those people in the hospitals on ventilators — they have a heartbeat. The old folks dying in their nursing homes due to COVID outbreaks — they have heartbeats. The teachers who you’re forcing to risk their lives by coming back to school with no mask regulations — they have heartbeats. The people who have yet to be infected and possibly die from this disease — they have heartbeats.

They’re actually fully developed humans with brains and families and friends and careers and lives and you’re acting like you couldn’t care less.

If you think anyone with a heartbeat should have an unobstructed right to live, you’d wear a damn mask in public. You wouldn’t care if it was a little inconvenient or uncomfortable because if you put in even half the effort fighting COVID as you do trying to take away abortion rights, we’d probably be recovering right now instead of preparing for the dooming second half of 2020.

So you must just care only about yourself and those fetuses, because you’re letting others die by allowing this virus to be transmitted. Your ignorance is costing us human lives.

Wait, what’s that? A mask affects your ability to breathe? It’s hard to breathe with a mask on? Oh, sweetie… suck it up. Since it seems that you care solely about yourself, maybe you could wear a mask to protect your ability to breathe in the future. You think it’s easy to breathe on a ventilator or while you’re suffering from a respiratory disease? Think again, then tell me. Wear a damn mask if you really care about being able to breathe, because if you get COVID, you won’t be.

It seems that when politics favor your privilege, you seem to side with them, but when your comfort is taken away to literally save lives, you just can’t muster the strength to put a face covering on in public. Hmm. It’s almost like you only really care about control. Like controlling women’s bodies.

But wait. If you love when the government controls women’s bodies, how come you throw a fit when they control your body and ask you to wear a mask? (I mean, I’d hardly argue that they’re trying to control your body by asking that, but you seem to think so, so I’ll just go with your logic.) I mean, how does it feel? You don’t want to wear a mask for fifteen minutes in the grocery store, huh? Well, you’d love being a woman. We have to spend our whole lives getting our rights threatened by the government, and it sucks for more than just selfish reasons.

What did you say? Ohhh, COVID only kills 1% of people. Gotcha.

Well let me ask you: don’t those 1% matter? I really do think so. I mean, only a small percentage of people get abortions, but you seem to be hung up on that number because according to you, even one fetus is one too many. So why don’t you feel that way about a developed, living, breathing human?

Oh, OK — you think this virus is a hoax. You think the media is spreading false information.

Well, it’s interesting that you’d say that, considering that you seem to get your information from FOX News and a president who has no background in politics or medicine. Oh, and you somehow blindly believed the media when they said Planned Parenthood was selling fetus parts off to the black market. I mean, seriously, what sounds more like the truth: a global pandemic that every country has universally acknowledged and taken precautions against, or some stupid news article by pro-lifers like yourself who just want to find a way to demonize women for their bodily autonomy? This is just my opinion, but I think it’s the former.

I guess I can’t change your mind, though, because if you think it’s a hoax, you’re probably never going to believe me. But suppose it is. Maybe you could test your theory by just wearing a damn mask in public, just for a few weeks or so, and see how things go. I guarantee you the numbers will go down. Maybe you’ll believe facts or maybe not, but just try it. Wouldn’t you rather try to save lives and then realize it was unnecessary, or would you rather just ignore it and know it was your fault when people do die? Because again, I’m the former.

You really rallied when it came to abortion. You came out and spoke so strongly against killing babies. Well, news flash: babies can die from COVID, too. Anyone can. Maybe focus on the ones who are actually living before you focus on the unborn. Because why care about the unborn if you’re choosing to ignore that you’re selfishly and remorselessly killing everyone else?

I’m sorry, you feel attacked right now?


Wear a mask.

Writer. Creator. Teacher. Feminist. Just trying to spread love, talk about equity, and be a good human. She/her. Follow me on Instagram @brooklynxreece!

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