Did Joe Biden Pick the Right Vice President?

This decision has a complicated influence on the election — and there’s no turning back

Photo by Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

Harris will make a fantastic Vice President in many ways. Here are her pros.

1. She is very principled and holds people accountable.

2. She is committed to diversity, equity, and human rights.

3. She recognizes the role that politics and economics have in systemic racism.

4. She believes and supports survivors — including Tara Reade.

5. She is more progressive than Biden.

6. She is passionate about education — which is great for a whole list of reasons!

Harris does have her criticisms and flaws, though. Let’s look at some of her cons.

1. Harris has historically supported tough-on-crime policies in her past as a prosecutor (aka, she was against prison reform).

2. Harris (and Biden) doesn’t always “do the math,” per se.

3. Harris’ progressive beliefs may not align with the moderates and the independents.

So what’s the verdict?

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