Hi Pamela —

Thank you for writing to me! I’m so sorry about your husband. I don’t know much about brain injury/amnesia, but it never occurred to me that amnesia could happen that way (via parasite). That must have been such a difficult experience. I feel for you very much.

Thank you, also, for your curiosity of how my boyfriend developed his brain injury. I cannot believe I didn’t explore the cause of his injury in this article. I really thought I had at least put in a sentence or so of explanation, but it appears I didn’t! He got his TBI (traumatic brain injury) one night after falling on ice outside on the porch of his house and hitting his head on the sidewalk. We lived in Minnesota at the time (he still does), so we had lots of brutal winters and as dumb as it may sound, the ice all around is a huge hazard.

It was definitely very unexpected, and not something that I have ever really been able to wrap my brain around. It seems that these situations are never simple. :(

Your story is very interesting, and for me, very comforting to read. I tend to feel alone since situations like these seem to be so rare and seldom spoken of. I appreciate you sharing your experiences.

I wish you peace!


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