It’s Time for the United States to Eliminate the Two-Party System

It’s how we got ourselves into this mess — and it’s the only way out.

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The US was not always a two-party system.

It’s true that for most parts of history, Democrats and Republicans have been two of the most prominent parties. In fact, throughout most of history, they’ve been the majority, and they’ve been the critical ones listed on the ballot. But not always. And even when it was a two-party system, Democrats and Republicans weren’t always the ones leading it. In the very beginning, it was the Federalists versus the Democratic-Republican party. In the 19th century, parties like the Whigs and the Know-Nothings became staples of the political time period and created a legacy that most of us still learn about in American history.

Politics revolve more around social issues than ever.

Politics didn’t used to be so socially-oriented. Human rights, although always affected by politics, were not always so directly part of political platforms. But now, in an era of immigration rights, reproductive rights, police brutality, systemic racism, and more, we’re bringing all of these social issues to the forefront and refusing to let politics ignore their existence. Personally, I’m totally on board with this decision. For decades, we have failed to realize truly how much privilege, government, and politics is influential on human rights, and it’s time that we make that a crucial element of civic involvement. But in doing that, the two-party system gets just a little bit more complicated.

The two-party system is failing us.

That’s why we’re in this position. We are under the assumption that all of our views need to align well with the views of our chosen party. But that’s just not achievable. There are socially liberal people who are fiscally conservative and vice versa. There are millions of people in this country, and each one has a distinct philosophy of how this world should work. Sometimes there’s no space for everyone on the spectrum because mix-and-matching political ideologies between parties is not usually viewed as an acceptable thing to do.

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